Analysis of Various Issues for 5G Infrastructures

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Nirali A Kotak
Bhavin S Sedani
Komal R Borisagar
Jainam D Belani
Yugma B Thakore


5th Generation Cellular technology is not just one more technical innovation, rather it is going to be the the most prominant platform for the other innovations to get it happened. Mobile networks are changing the way people communicate and access information. Network access at anytime and anywhere is transforming the telecom industry. 5G technology will enable flexible, reliable, and secure wireless networks to connect people with all applications, services, and things, thus leading human race into the era of "Everything on Mobile". The 5th Generation of the Internet in Telecommunications will open the new doors to the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks, etc. But for the last several years since its designing and implementation strategies, 5G technology has been embroiled in various social and technical controversies. The testing of 5G in different countries of the world has shown that in future the user will get the expected data speed but the time to come will show how much the power level of high frequency signal harms human health and other services. Initially 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and ITU have combinely proposed two way of infrastructure for the implementation of 5G i.e. SA architecture and NSA architecture with pros and cons with both. This analytical paper narrates the different issues that may arise upon the implementation of 5G infrastructure. The severity of issues related to multiple frequency bands availability, health hazards, airline frequency band conflict as well as coding discrepancy will be different for Stand Alone infrastruction option and for Non Stand-Alone infrastructure choice.


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Kotak N, Sedani B, Borisagar K, Belani J, Thakore Y. Analysis of Various Issues for 5G Infrastructures. sms [Internet]. 30Jun.2022 [cited 29Sep.2022];14(02):239-44. Available from:
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