Multi-level PWM Inverter for PV Systems Improving the THD

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Shainey Simran
Roshan Nayak


In the last few years, the use of semiconductors in the electronic market has increased a lot, due to which its utilization in power electronic devices has also increased greatly, including UPS, AC drives, HVDC transmission line rectifiers, inverters and many more. We categorize the inverter in many ways like diode line capacitor cascade h-bridge diode climb like this but we do voltage source inverter in two ways if we look like multi-level inverter then two-level inverter multi-level letter Maybe and we are using multi-level inverter here. In this paper, we are discussing the performance of second level inverter using space vector PWM and further using for mains performance using disposition multicarrier moderation. In this paper we are using fuzzy logic to control WM, the factors we are working out are the total harmonics distortion switching frequency switching losses and the number of switching devices. Here the complete simulation is using MATLAB/Simulink software.


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