Models of Super Dense Structures using a New Form of the Mass Function

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Ritu Tamta
Pratibha Fuloria
Pramesh Tamta


In the present article, we perceive a new kind of mass function to solve Einstein's field equation and generate spherically
symmetric models of ultra-dense stellar objects. By assuming a suitable form of mass function, we study the out-march of
all physical parameters within the anisotropic fluid spheres. We find that the radial and transverse pressures, the density of
matter, redshift, mass function are regular and well behaved inside the compact fluid spheres. Our model is stable under
the action of hydrostatic, anisotropic, and gravitational forces and the causality condition is well satisfied inside the fluid
spheres. The graphical representation of the adiabatic index reconfirms the stability of our model and the compactness
parameter lies within the Buchdahl limit. The newly obtained solution is free from any singularity and satisfies all energy
conditions, i.e., strong energy condition, weak energy condition, and null energy condition. We construct models of compact
stars 4U 1820-30 and SAX J 1808-4-3658(SS2) and explore several physical features of the models.


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Tamta R, Fuloria P, Tamta P. Models of Super Dense Structures using a New Form of the Mass Function. sms [Internet]. 30Jun.2022 [cited 29Sep.2022];14(02):187-94. Available from:
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