Android Controlled Robot

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Saksham Jain
Sanya Aggarwal
Khushbu Bansal
Satakshi Tiwari
Siddharth Srivastava


Today human-machine correspondence is moving away from mouse and pen and is becoming unavoidable and on a very basic level more sensible with the veritable world. As time goes on the opening among machines and people is being lessened with the assistant of new advances with work with the way of life. Enhancements have perceived a major part in decreasing this opening. In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation of various frameworks of "Human-Machine Interaction" utilizing enhancements has been introduced. Upgrades can be gotten with the assistance of an accelerometer, notwithstanding, with the development of telephone its free use has been passed on purposeless. This paper examinations the improvement progress through an android cell with a Bluetooth module to control the energy of a robot. The signs of the Bluetooth Module are constrained by the Microcontrollers.


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Jain S, Aggarwal S, Bansal K, Tiwari S, Srivastava S. Android Controlled Robot. sms [Internet]. 30Jun.2022 [cited 29Sep.2022];14(02):175-7. Available from:
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