Collation of NBIOT with Other LPWAN Legacy Technologies

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Rasveen .
Khyati Chopra
Sandeep Kumar


A few years back The Internet of Things - IoT which is like fiction for us has moved to realism. In a queue of low power
wide area network (LPWAN) technology, one more novel technology is now added known as Narrowband Internet of
thing (NB-IoT). The reason behind to developed this technology is to provide long battery life for distant devices,
accomplished communication, and lower costs and cover a large geographical area and very useful in urban
infrastructure. As the growing demand for IoT devices, we can see in the coming few years it increases promptly, and
all the devices are connected to each other wirelessly. This paper provides as an inclusive overview of NB-IoT, different
types of deployment options and Narrowband IOT (NB-IOT) Collation with the other LPWAN Technology like SigFox and
LoRaWAN. NB-IOT is utilized where the requirement is to only transmit a small amount of data if we talk about the
conventional cellular options they are not fit well with such applications because 4G and LTE networks put away too
much power. Cellular NB-IoT is developed to meet the necessities of long-range, deep penetration, long battery life


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