Hybrid Fractal Boundary MIMO Antenna for Multiband Applications

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Mansi Girdhar
Balwinder S. Dhaliwal


A novel 2×2 MIMO antenna using crown square curve and koch curve is proposed and designed on RT/duroid having
thickness of 3.175mm, loss tangent of 0.0009 and dielectric constant of 2.2, by employing MoM based IE3D software. In
this geometry, koch curve is etched at the boundary of the iterated crown square patch antenna to produce a fractal
boundary and fractal elements are placed parallel to each other at an inter-element distance of 25mm for good
isolation. The resulting MIMO system operating at four resonating frequencies, gives much higher gains and bandwidths
for all the operating frequencies. Furthermore, it exhibits impedance bandwidth (S11Â 5 10dB) with isolation better than
-15dB, which are accepted threshold values for the MIMO systems. Hence, a good MIMO antenna is designed giving
excellent output characteristics.


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Girdhar M, Dhaliwal B. Hybrid Fractal Boundary MIMO Antenna for Multiband Applications. sms [Internet]. 21Jan.2019 [cited 18Apr.2021];12(SUP 3):23-7. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2203
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