Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Home Automation and Scrutiny System

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Kundarapu Vishnu
Nerella Ome


Internet of Things is developing innovation that makes our reality more intelligent. Now a days, the home security is
fundamental as a potential results of interference are growing well ordered. Security has turned into a significant issue
everywhere. This project is easy, observing and adaptable home control by utilizing an embedded server with IP network
and remotely utilizing Android-based mobile application. This project is an IoT based system and Home automation, by
utilizing IoT, we can control and monitor different applications like Temperature, light intensity, humidity, gas, fire,
motion and image from anywhere with the help of internet. It can identify the people who are in the home, with the
assistance of the sensor. The focus of this project is to give preferable security system over the present level of security
in the home.


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