Integrating Different Safety Methods for Helmet

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Shaikh Mohammad Sami
V. N. More


Results of a road accident are mostly fatal, so the safety of motorcyclists is important. Protecting the head is the rule of
thumb while driving. Having this motivation in mind we are proposing a helmet that is integrated with different sensors
to ensure the safety of the driver. A force-sensing resistor [8] will ensure the bike will not start unless the driver wears
the helmet also a vibration sensor [9] is installed to detect the accident. We have developed an android application [13]
that is used to intercept and send messages. The application is used to send the location of the bike to the ambulance,
home, etc. If the accident happened by sending a simple code from your home mobile phone you can receive the current
location of the bike. Developed Application will ensure the reliability of the entire system to convey the information.


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