A Comparative analysis of Video Summarization techniques for different domains

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Bijal U. Gadhia
Shahid S. Modasiya


As technology progresses, a gigantic amount of video data is generated day by day. Pro-cessing such a huge video needs time and requires increased storage and computational power. Sometimes it is convenient for the user to watch a summary or highlight rather than a complete video, which is time-consuming. So, a fully automated solution is required to extract important segments from a video. Researchers have proposed multiple approaches/techniques for summarizing the videos, which resolve the problem of long videos and summarize them according to the video type. This survey and comparative evaluation of video summarizing techniques based on several domains are presented in this paper. Primarily, these methods are classified into different categories based on their methods or techniques used. Then an over-view of some the latest literature is presented with the dataset and evaluation approaches used. The review is also made related to the domain direction and concluded by presenting benefits and difficulties associated with current video summarization techniques


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