A study of short period Indoor air pollution analysis in home level and its recommendations

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P. Rajkumar
B.Vijay Bhaskar



                    India had large number of villages (6.50 lakhs) around the cities and Tamil Nadu state having 12,619 villages around the town. Due to urbanization, village peoples having less number of job opportunities in their own village. The house holds women in villages use their country wood fuel for their long term cooking at low cost. The rural outside air having more air pollution as compared to indoor air pollution in the ratio of 2:1 in villages.  The most significant  parameters were identified and air quality levels at specific place were determined with help of  PM2.5, PM10, Temperature and Humidity. The village women are affected more by skin allergy, asthma, eye power loss in advance, and cancer  at various levels due to long usage of country wood. In general,  village men using tobacco based items like cigarette and other items. This project deals with monitoring  indoor air pollution in a village house (for a middle class income family) and better understanding of indoor air quality in real time.   Also, it focuses on village women facing other  health-related problems like asthma, eye problems and cancer in large numbers continuously increasing day by day in a village environment. It affects the normal work done by the villagers.  A powerful statistical tool also used to compare the relationship between the indoor parameters in a selected village.


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Rajkumar P, Bhaskar B. A study of short period Indoor air pollution analysis in home level and its recommendations. sms [Internet]. 10Nov.2023 [cited 29Nov.2023];15(02). Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2860
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