Comparative Analysis of Security Issues and Trends in IoT and WSN

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Vishal Choudhary
Animesh Srivastava
Anoop Kumar
Sunil Taruna


Recent advancements in the field of wireless sensor networks and the internet of things market give rise to security concerns. While using the application of these technologies in the real world, many security issues have emerged. There are security risks involved in using IoT and WSN devices in areas such as financial, health, and business, as well as in industry. Security requirements are exponentially increasing with the demand for IoT devices in the market around the world. The trends have shown that the WSN field is slowly merging into the IoT ecosystem. Another factor that encourages the integration of the WSN field in IoT is advancements in addressing and the internet of everything. If we study both technologies in minute detail, we will find that although both technologies are interrelated, there is a huge difference in application areas, connectivity issues, routing issues, security issues, etc. WSN gives great importance to the efficient management of constrained resources. On the other hand, security, scalability, quality of service, and heterogeneity are the main concerns in IoT systems. In this paper, there is a detailed analysis of several factors, requirements, and trends in the advancement of both technologies.


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Choudhary V, Srivastava A, Kumar A, Taruna S. Comparative Analysis of Security Issues and Trends in IoT and WSN. sms [Internet]. 30Jun.2022 [cited 29Sep.2022];14(02):216-22. Available from:
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