Design of a Smart Baby Cradle Using Blynk and Local Customer Priorities

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Atul V Karanjkar
Rajeshwar Kumawat


Nowadays, automation in the baby cradle system proved reliable and supports in effective baby monitoring. This system monitors the baby's mattresses condition, cry detection, body temperature etc., and thus provides better care for the babies. Also it makes the parents very easy to take care of the baby and experience those worry-free feelings. Especially for the professional women who are busy in their work schedules, always find scarcity of time to take care of the baby. As a concern of money, they are unable to afford a maid or nursery to look after their baby. In this paper, a local market is studied to decide the degree of automation and best suit mobile application required for the smart baby cradle. Three sensors are used such as a sound sensor for detecting the crying sound of a baby, a wet sensor for detecting the condition of mattresses, and a temperature sensor for detecting the body temperature. To make this automated cradle internet of things (IoT) based, a Blynk platform is used and this entire feature is monitored and controlled via mobile phone. An automatic swing motion of the cradle is provided using a link mechanism. Automation in the cradle allows the remote parent to take care of their baby, monitor its actions, and maintain the balance in their professional and personal lives.


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