Review of Hybrid Solar-Biomass Power Generation System

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Mohd Waqar
Anoop Kumar Shukla
Meeta Sharma
Mayank Maheswari
Gopal Nandan


The present paper reviewed the studies of the hybrid solar-biomass power plants. Based on renewable energy, several configurations of hybrid power cycles are discussed and summarized. It includes the technical, economical, and environmental aspects of the hybrid solar-biomass plant, how the hybrid power plant works, and the essential resources required for the setup and running of the hybrid solar biomass plant. The advantages and disadvantages associated with the single renewable resource-based power plants are also discussed. The hybrid power plants help rectify the disadvantages over single resource plants, improve the power production rate of the plant, and help it run over seasonally.  The present paper also discussed the solar and biomass potential in the Indian context and compared the progress of the hybrid solar-biomass power generation system with other countries.


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Waqar M, Shukla A, Sharma M, Maheswari M, Nandan G. Review of Hybrid Solar-Biomass Power Generation System. sms [Internet]. 20Oct.2022 [cited 28Nov.2022];14(03):348-5. Available from:
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