“Om Chanting”: It just works!

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Nisha A. Vanjari
Shubhada Labde
Bhagyashree S. Madan


Everyone knows the word “OM”. Our body reacts for it. But up to what extent we listened to our body reactions on chanting of mantras. As a example, when we visits in temples, we always heard some mantras chanting. In that environment, we always feel positive and relax just like a placebo effect. But upto what extent we know the power of word “OM”. We have referred related papers and Bhagvat Puran (some extend) to explore the concept of OM. In this paper, we have tried OM chanting and analyse the result. Our motto will definitely give you the path towards reducing your stress, remaining calm, and increasing your body's inner strength.


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Vanjari N, Labde S, Madan B. “Om Chanting”: It just works!. sms [Internet]. 31Dec.2019 [cited 29Jan.2023];11(SUP):450-2. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2330
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