Forest Map-Think Green, Live Green

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Udit Bhatia
Shubham Adamane
Ashish Gwalani
Sakshi Parab
Lifna C.S.


Forest degradation is the primary reason for global warming and this threatens the entire ecosystem. This is a significant concern as far as climate change and it's grave aftermaths matter. To check this unprecedented deforestation, the Government of India and many governmental/ non-governmental organizations have taken various initiatives. These organizations are planting trees to reduce the impact of global warming. They disclose the number of trees planted in each drive. The current system is inadequate in a way to keep a check on the work done by organizations in this field. Thus our system will create transparency by making it easy for the citizens to be aware of the forest restoration activities taking place. This will be done through the Geographical Information System(GIS), which will generate a detailed report of the changes in vegetation analysis over a period of time in a given geographical area that will be lucid, easy to understand on a user interface.


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