Evaluation of an LMS with Social Networking: A Case Study

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Mahendra Patil
Divya Kumawat
Swapna Patil
Ajeet Ghodeswar


Teaching learning process has evolved from traditional to online learning because of changing requirement of the learner. Now teaching learning process is more learner centric. Learners can select any courses of their interest and attend them according to their availability. These online courses are offered by different universities, organization for the benefit of learner. Many institutes have started using the combination of traditional and online learning known as blended learning. In blended learning face to face interaction is used for discussion, lectures and solving the doubts of students while e-learning technologies are used for online lectures, quizzes, notes etc. Today in this period of globalization, it is exceptionally easy to share and scatter information. Different types of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are available free of cost for teaching, managing and assessing students. In this paper, we have investigated and evaluated e-learning based LMS used in our institute.


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Patil M, Kumawat D, Patil S, Ghodeswar A. Evaluation of an LMS with Social Networking: A Case Study. sms [Internet]. 31Dec.2019 [cited 29Jan.2023];11(SUP):420-4. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2324
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