Hiding Text in a Video Using Frequency Domain and Time Domain

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Keerthi S.
Reshma Nadaf


Image and video are two basic forms of transmitting information. For enhancing security, image or video encryption methods are applied for the set of image frames. Considering a video, it can be distributed in photo frames with a help of MATLAB. They are sequentially stored. For a color image or video, the frames can be either Red, Blue or Green. Watermarking technique in image or video processing issued for authentication of documents by embedding or hiding text or data in a video, image or audio file. Copyright symbols or signatures are used according to the requirement. The video Steganography is preferred over other methods because it can accommodate large size of secrete data. Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT and Pseudo-Random Encoding/Decoding algorithm is used for data insertion into a video which makes a robust technique in embedding data in video. The DWT method converts 4×4 cover image blocks in which LL, LH, HL and HH sub-band images are developed. The robustness of this technique will be tested by calculating MSE and PSNR values.


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