A Modified System for Facial Expression Recognition and Head Pose Estimation Techniques

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Md Rashid Mahmood
Raj Kumar Patra
Kamal Mehta
Swati Jain
Ashwala Mohan


In this paper, feature extraction is being done by Viola Jones Face Recognition Algorithm. The work has been divided into two phases: Facial Expression Recognition and Head Pose Estimation. In the first phase of Facial Expression Recognition, the image is being taken from the camera of any person or any other thing. The image having an object is first examined by the viola Jones face recognition technique and then recognized as the proper input for the system. If the image or the object is an undesirable input it will not be tested or examined for recognition of facial expression. The image will be examined if the input image is desirable. And its expression will be saved. After that the second phase starts which is for estimation of the position of the head of a human being. the image having object is being tested by using the templates and whichever result will be coming with the minimum error will be the result. The project is the integrated system for recognizing a person's facial expression as well as to estimate the head pose. It can be used as an advancement on the field of biometrics.


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Mahmood M, Patra R, Mehta K, Jain S, Mohan A. A Modified System for Facial Expression Recognition and Head Pose Estimation Techniques. sms [Internet]. 30Nov.2020 [cited 18Apr.2021];12(SUP 3):136-41. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2214
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