Throughput Analysis of AHTPC Algorithm for Wireless Body Area (WBAN) Network

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M. Raj Kumar Naik
P. Samundiswary


The low-power and long-term operations in WBAN can be achieved with efficient energy transmission which is consider
as a key factor for WBAN. Many different techniques present in the literature deals with the Transmit Power Control
(TPC) to transmit the data in WBANs by controlling its power. The technique of Transmit Power Control depends upon the
condition of the channel and is categorized as reactive or proactive. The Proactive technique is susceptible to have
error and delays of prediction type whereas the approach of reactive have more delays along with huge overhead. So,
a hybrid technique is required that blends the benefits of both reactive and proactive approaches which is useful for
any channel type. In this paper, an Adaptive Hybrid Transmit Power Control (AHTPC) algorithm is developed for WBAN.
In this algorithm, a channel sample matrix is used to store the values of Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and Strength of
received Signal, which are measured at the Base Station. If the Strength of received Signal and delivery ratio values falls
outside the range of upper bound and some lower bound then execution of Reactive Transmission Power Control (RTPC)
algorithm is done. The execution of Proactive Transmission Power Control algorithm (PTPC) is carried out when the
channel is in fluctuating condition and consecutive RSSI samples difference become higher. The results achieved by the
simulation shows that proposed technique achieves reduced packet drop with enhanced throughput compared to that
of reactive and proactive techniques.


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