MIMO Antenna for 5G Applications with Polarization Diversity

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Punna Bharghava
Pachiyaannan Muthusamy


Two element MIMO antenna with left and right hand circular polarizations is written in this work. The size of the
proposed MIMO antenna is of 58.2 x 36.3 mm2. The coaxial feed is used for the individual patches. Without any
decoupling network high isolation of 18dB is accomplished. It is due to orthogonal orientations of the micro strip
patches. The envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) is in the acceptable range.


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Bharghava P, Muthusamy P. MIMO Antenna for 5G Applications with Polarization Diversity. sms [Internet]. 21Jan.2019 [cited 18Apr.2021];12(SUP 3):37-0. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/2200
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