Smart Fall Detection and Protection for Elderly People

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T. Padma
Ch. Usha Kumari
M. Bhargav


The elderly people require attention because of their health conditions and in many cases falls lead to many critical
consequences. When an elderly person falls results in physical injury and is not possible for them to request for help
at that condition. The main intention of this project is to prepare a fall detection and protection system for the elderly
people at an affordable cost. In that process a wearable airbag is developed which inflates when the fall occurs. MEMS
Accelerometer is used for the fall detection. The processing of data is done by the Microcontroller based on the input
given by accelerometer sensor. When the fall is detected Microcontroller triggers the air pump which inflates the
airbag. The Microcontroller (NODE MCU) consists of a built in Wi-Fi module by which the entire data were presented to
cloud platform.


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