Smart Agriculture Monitoring System using IoT with Data Analysis

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K. Lova Raju
V. Vijayaraghavan


To the emerging technologies around the globe, agriculture has become a major part which should now rely upon the
advancements to keep the requirements of humans matched. By assisting farmers with essential equipment to predict
the crop growth, availability of moisture in the soil, status of the soil, etc alongside the unpredictable environment
around, IoT plays a crucial role in bridging the difficulties and bringing a novel solutions involving cost-effectiveness,
sustainability, quality and most importantly a user friendly interface which can even be handled in remote areas. This
work presents a smart agriculture monitoring system which monitors overall parameters for high precision crop
control. This paper delivers a vision on the amalgamation of deploying sensors and connecting the farmers to the
unpredictable weather conditions with accurate devices to tackle the real-time problems is presented in the article.


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