Study on Strength Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash Concrete

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Shylaja N
Babu E R
Nanjunda K N
M Sreenivasulu Reddy


Concrete is the single most building material which is continuously being used to construct various
infrastructures. Cement is a vital ingredient of concrete, during its production approximately 10%
of global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is emitted which affects the global warming and climate change.
Therefore an Attempt has been made to develop a green and sustainable concrete by utilizing on
of the waste material as rice husk ash. With the utilization of rice husk ash as cement replacement,
the CO2 gas emissions can be reduced. In the present research, a comparative study on use of
RHA as partial replacement of cement in concrete specimens was made. Concrete specimens
were tested with different percentages of RHA and Compressive strength, flexural strength; split
tensile strength and slump test were carried out to evaluate the appropriateness of using RHA
in concrete. From the compressive strength, split tensile and flexural strength, 10% RHA blend
is exhibits better properties as compared with conventional concrete.


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