Design and Analysis of Pedestrian Bridge for REVA University

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Shylaja N
Mahesh .
Rakesh B Desai
Sagar Neelshetty


Civil engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physical and
naturally built environment, including works like bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.
Construction of bridge has always been one of the most fascinating challenges to civil
engineers. Materials like timber, iron, steel and concrete has been used to construct the
bridge. In India reinforced concrete bridges are existed. In India due to rapid urbanization
and increased traffic on roads the pedestrian casualties have increased tremendously in last
two decades which necessitate the provision of exclusive facilities for pedestrians such as
Pedestrian bridge, footpaths and walkways. Pedestrian bridge plays an important role in
improving pedestrian safety in busy and high traffic areas. A pedestrian bridge is a structure
built to span physical obstacles such as roads and railway tracks. This bridge will eliminate
traffic congestion and delay at the highway as well as eliminate conflicts between pedestrians
and motor vehicles. In this present project work, the analysis and design of Composite
pedestrian bridge proposed at REVA University is done by using conventional method with
standard design details as mentioned in Indian codes.


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