Utilization of Waste Tire and Tube Rubber as Partial Replacement for Fine and Coarse Aggregates in Cement Concrete

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Shivaprasad H
Y Ramalinga Reddy
Harinath S
M Sreenivasulu Reddy


With the exponential growth in number of automobiles in India during recent years, the demand
of tires as original equipment and as replacement has also increased. The quantity of scrap tires
produced in India is not exactly available but the increasing trend of use of road transportation
will definitely create a problem of disposal in very near future. The total number of registered
bused, trucks, cars, jeeps, taxis and two wheelers put together up to 2012 in India were 20 crores,
also Indian automobile industry is growing rapidly at a rate of 4.6 million vehicles annually.
Due to heavy metals and other pollutants in tires there is a potential risk for the leaching of
toxins into the groundwater when placed in wet soils. This impact on the environment varies
according to the pH level and conditions of local water and soil. Research has shown that very
little leaching occurs when shredded tires are used as light fill material; however, limitations
have been on use of this materials; each site should be individually assessed determining if this
product is appropriate for given conditions. Thus usage of shredded tires as partial replacement
for stone aggregates in cement concrete is safe means of disposal of worn out tires, thereby
reducing the ill effects caused by improper disposal of the same. There is growing search for
new alternative materials for replacement of stone aggregates. The major significance of this
research work is to ascertain the replacement of the natural stone aggregates as good quality
conventional natural resources like sand, gravel, aggregates etc are depleting very fast with the
increase in construction activities in the country and a ban on new quarries are inevitable due
to environmental problem. Experiments were conducted on four series of specimen by replacing,
5%, 10% by volume of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. Each series consists of three cubes
for testing compressive strength, three cylinders for split tensile strength.


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H S, Reddy Y, S H, Reddy M. Utilization of Waste Tire and Tube Rubber as Partial Replacement for Fine and Coarse Aggregates in Cement Concrete. sms [Internet]. 31Dec.2019 [cited 13Apr.2024];11(SUP):19-2. Available from: https://smsjournals.com/index.php/SAMRIDDHI/article/view/1307
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