Methods of Groundwater Recharge for Smart CITIES

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T M Mohan Kumar
Shivaprasad H


A city equipped with basic infrastructure to give decent quality of life, a clean and sustainable
environment through application of smart solution with a wise management of natural resources,
through participatory action and engagement. The term sustainable development goes beyond
the boundaries of science and business development and trade to include human development,
values and differences in culture. Increase in water demand more dependence on ground water
use over exploitation of ground water increase in run-off, decline in well yields and fall in water
levels, reduction in open soil surface area, reduction in infiltration and deterioration in water
quality. Like air, the water is also indispensable for all kinds of living-beings and quality of life;
we have to explore all sources of water for our use. Since majority of the cities are far away from
natural surface based water resources, inevitably we have to depend upon groundwater sources.
Owing to scanty rain, depletion of forest vegetation, excessive extraction of groundwater through
bore- wells, and various kinds of pollution in urban areas at large scale, the groundwater level/
water table level is decreasing every day. In this context, it is the duty of every citizen, government
bodies and NGOs to take all possible steps to recharge the groundwater in accordance with
latest technology at par with time.


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