Accident Study Based on Smeed’s Model: A Case Study of Yelhanka

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T Siddartha
S Kanimozhee
N Prashanth


Accident analyses are accomplished in order to identify the source of an accident. So has to forbid further accidents of homogenous kind. From the last twenty years the inhabitants of different nations in the globe is wide growing. Due to population explosion, automobiles and economic tasks roadway traffic disasters and their resulting mortality may be considered as a bigger communal and economic trouble. The salient purpose of this study to be developing road accident prediction model, identification of black spots and a micro level analysis of road accident is performed. On basis of this analysis effect of accident is identified. After analysis road traffic accident prediction models is developed based on different parameter.


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Siddartha T, Kanimozhee S, Prashanth N. Accident Study Based on Smeed’s Model: A Case Study of Yelhanka. sms [Internet]. 31Dec.2019 [cited 29Jan.2023];11(SUP):. Available from:
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