Analysis and Evaluation of Image Fusion Algorithms

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Neeraj Kumar
Vikas Kumar Mishra
C. L.P. Gupta


There is an increasing need for performance tools or quality assessment in order to compare the results obtained with different algorithms of image fusion. This analysis can be used to select a specific algorithm for a defined fusion dataset. The image quality is a characteristic of an image that measures the perceived image degradation (typically, compared to an ideal or perfect picture). Imaging systems may introduce a certain amount of distortion or artifacts in the signal, hence the quality assessment is an important problem. There are several techniques and measures that can be objectively measured and evaluated automatically by a computer program. Therefore, they may be classified as complete reference methods (FR) and the No-reference methods (NR). In the methods of image quality assessment FR, the quality of a test image is evaluated by comparing a reference image that is supposed to have perfect quality. NR measures attempt to assess the quality of an image without any reference to the original.


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