Impact of Robotics on different sectors

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Yogita Parihar


Robotics and automation industries are a new technological change. It is affected human employment opportunities directly. The research paper is based on impact of Robots on employment. Although using robotics technology positively impacts quality production, it has some negative drawbacks, which must be studied. The positive and negative aspect of this technology gives us wider view to understand better implementation of this technology. The objectives of the research are to check real and ground-level reality of robotics technology effects. The study is exploratory research which is based on secondary sources like books, online sources, analyze of industries prior and post-employment data from different websites of concerned public departments, journals, research papers, websites of concerned industries and service sector, magazines and newspapers etc. Before doing research, understand the robotics and automation industry's working style and functions. After understanding basics of this industry's pro and cons, check its impacts on human resources, production quality, and process. The conclusion of research shows replacing employees with robots is good and sometimes it is necessary for some organizations in current challenging environments. Robotics technology has improved the motivation of employees in the industrial sector.


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Parihar, Y. (2023). Impact of Robotics on different sectors. ADHYAYAN: A JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 13(01), 28-31.
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