The Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning in India: An Insight During 'Covid Lockdown'

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Alok Kumar
Pramod Pathak


An invisible entity, through naked eyes, the Virus, the pandemic (as WHO puts it), named Covid19 (or Corona Virus Disease) has created an environment of 'fear' across the world for the past few months and has spared none – the most developed economies of the 'Globalized' era as well as the struggling economies spread across continents. The impact is so big that the functioning of households, business organizations, religious and spiritual bodies, educational institutions, etc. is witnessing a sea change. Even our lifestyles have altered to a great extent. All this is actually attributed to what our minds think! The external environmental message is clear, shape up or ship out, no one wants to die nor wishes to see their near and dear ones falling to the same. It is our mind that has decides about the changes we need to bring in our activities in order to 'survive'. And hence, the mind knocks the 'Innovation' door quite often to find if there exists a solution for current and future problems. The same has been the case in our learning mechanisms, obviously both the formal and informal ones, during this period of 'lockdown'. Let us analyse this through a real-time observational study involving how our education system has changed and the impending pros and cons of the same.


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Kumar, A., & Pathak, P. (2020). The Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning in India: An Insight During ’Covid Lockdown’. ADHYAYAN: A JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 10(01), 08-13.
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