Clinical Trials to Combat Covid-19 (CTCC): Case Based Approach (CBA) of a NSE Listed Indian Pharmaceutical Company

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Mithun Nandy


Clinical Trials to Combat Covid-19 (CTCC) case study had been developed on a National Stock Exchange (NSE) listed Indian pharmaceutical company. The main intention to develop this case study was to understand how the research and development (RandD) and innovative activities were being performed during crisis period to combat Covid-19.
Design / Methodology / Approach
The study period to develop this case was May 2020 to June 2020. Published official reports and press releases were considered for the study. Basic arithmetic and statistics had been incorporated for data driven analysis and interpretation. Microsoft Excel (most updated version) had been used for econometrics analysis and visual representation. Content Analysis Technique had been adopted to draw appropriate information, insights, and inferences. Trendline Analysis of the share price had been performed with the help of Y = mx + c regression equation with a univariate variable.
Clinical trial endeavor being rendered by the sample company subsequently made enable to obtain approval from the regulatory body (DGCI), which impacted share price increase by 9% and this increment was supported by R Square value 1 (100%) followed by the increment value of 29.64x (where x was independent variable). There was a linear upward trend observed. It had been found that the company became 1st in India to initiate clinical trial to combat Covid-19 on two specific drugs Favipiravir and Umifenovir. The company’s clinical trial study dubbed ‘FAITH trial’ would involve 158 hospitalized patients in India who had moderate symptoms of coronavirus infection. Leadership during the crisis period had also been observed with the dedicated activities of the RandD team of the company. At last, it had been found that the company is extremely optimistic and confident with their dedicated and painstaking efforts to provide the answer of the unknown through their innovative activities and serve the nation as well as the entire world with innovative healthcare solution to combat Covid-19 and finally the company would eagerly wait for those days to come.


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