Influence of Filler Material on Natural Fiber and its Properties

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V V.N Sarath
K Solmon Rithish
M Siva Kumar
A Mahesh


Natural fibers are materials directly extracted from plants, animals, and minerals. Because of its many advantages, natural fibers utilization and the importance of these materials were increased. Among all fibers, hemp fiber is one of the strongest and stiffest plant-based fibers in the cannabis species family. Most researchers are still working on materials in various ways to improve these properties. We were worked out in a further extension of the previous paper to study some other properties of hemp fiber by adding the red brick powder at different weight percentages into it. Similarly, after the sieve analysis, a fine powder form was produced from red brick, added to the epoxy material. By applying the hand layup method, fiber-reinforced polymer composites were manufactured. Charpy, hardness, and water absorption tests were performed on these composite materials, and a comparison was made along with pure hemp fiber. Among all, 40% of the sample received the highest value in hardness, while in Charpy, pure hemp was recorded. Similarly, a slight impact on weights in the water absorption test was recorded.


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Sarath V, Rithish K, Kumar M, Mahesh A. Influence of Filler Material on Natural Fiber and its Properties. sms [Internet]. 31Dec.2021 [cited 23May2024];13(SUP 2):268-73. Available from:
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