A Study On The Behaviour Of Steel Structures Subjected To Fire

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Bhavana B
Archana N Raj


The performance of steel structures in fire depends upon the material degradation at elevated
temperature and restraint stiffness of members surrounded by fire. For selecting the suitable
fire resisting measures the structural response of the fire should be understood in order
to encounter minimum structural damage and limited casualities especially in high rised
buildings. For carrying out experiments on structural steel there are some restraints like space,
money, time and controlled fire as well, therefore finite element softwares like Staad Pro can
be used as an alternative. In this paper, analysis of regular and Irregular steel structures are
considered for the study. This paper describes the behaviour of steel structures when they
are subjected to very high variable temperatures. To establish the heat transfer co-relations
for different fire positions are tested. The material expands due to change in temperature and
stresses are induced, if this expansion is restrained. The structural performance is affected
due to the reduction in stiffness and strength. The primary objective is to check the effect of
temperature variation on deflection of the regular and irregular steel structures. Analysis is
carried out with the help of Staad Pro.


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