Effects of Granite Dustand Baggage Ash on Mechanical Properties of Cement Concrete Pavement

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M Sreenivasulu Reddy
Gyanen Takhelmayum
Y Ramalinga Reddy


Due to the tremendous increase in construction industry there by increase a pressure for the
utilization of naturally available resources. Therefore, the demand of natural resources is
increases, in order to overcome the use of such materials. Many researches are focusing on
many ways of utilizing either industrial or agricultural wastes as a source of raw materials for
the pavement construction industry. The utilization of these wastes would not only economical;
it also helps in reduction of greenhouse gases and makes the environment pollution free. Sugarcane
bagasse is one such fibrous waste-product of the sugar refining industry, with ethanol
vapour along with this, Granite industry which produces large number of waste. These waste
dumped in open land which will create a lot of environmental problems. In this paper, sugarcane
bagasse ash can be used as a partially replaced which varying from 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and
20% by the volume of cement and granite dust as a completely replacement of fine aggregate
in cement concrete pavement were used. Fresh concrete test like slump test, compaction factor
and vee-bee consistometer were investigated. Hardened concrete test like compression test, split
tensile test, young’s modulus test, flexural test, cantabro abrasion test, sorptivity were conducted.
The result shows that sugarcane bagasse ash can be partially replaced with cement up to 10%.


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