Performance Study of 290E Bus Route

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Ramyashree S
Challa Prathyusha
Nandini D N
P Shivanand


Travel demand is an essential part of transportation planning for transit way
investments. Estimation of ridership are important throughout the transit-way
development process for project justification Understanding the dynamics of boarding
and alighting activities is crucial to improve bus service levels. The bus route for the
present project is selected in Bangalore city, which is a major metropolitan city in India.
The selected bus route (290E) goes along the route Yelhanka to Nagavara located in the
northern part of Bangalore city. It has a route length of around 23.6 km. The selected
road stretch consists heterogeneous traffic and various types of land use characteristics
such as residential, commercial and institutional areas. The data include number of
bus trips per day and total number of passengers travelled per day along the stretch.


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