Characterization of Recycled Waste Aggregater in Rajid Pavement Construction

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Nandini K
Y Ramalinga Reddy
Ahmad Nawid Baridost


The study and work is conducted to understand and know the properties of recycled aggregate for
pavement construction. These days most demolitions and constructions work is on process and
going on as a therefore more construction and demolition waste is also producing. The serious
issue related to this is management of construction and demolition waste. This can be dumped for
landfill. For solving this problem we are carrying out this study. In this study, a coarse aggregate
replacement scheme concrete is investigated with four different replacement ratios including
30%, 50%, 70% and 100%. Treatment process for recycled aggregate is carried out by acid
treatment. Various basic tests were conducted for the coarse aggregate such as specific gravity,
water absorption, aggregate impact test, aggregate crushing value and aggregate abrasion test.
Recycled aggregate were replaced for coarse aggregate in M-40 grade of concrete.
Results suggest that construction and demolition waste as a replacement material for natural
aggregate. All basic properties are within the range but water absorption value is varying due
to the presence of cement coating on the recycled aggregate. The change in the properties were
compared conventional mix. From the study, it is found that effective result for 30% and 50% of
replacement of natural aggregate with recycled coarse aggregate.


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