Use of Waste Plastic in Flexible Pavement Construction

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B Vinayaka
S Naveen Bheempal


Due to the increase in population, day by day use of plastic is also increasing due to this plastic
consumption is increasing day by day. Plastic are non-biodegradable and not ecofriendly but it is
user friendly. Today in INDIA more than 13.8 million tons of plastics are used. It is necessary to
find a safe disposal of a waste plastic material, the recent research development in technologies
have been proved that the several successful ways to reuse the waste plastic materials by adding in
the construction of flexible pavement by utilization of waste plastic material into the construction
of road. the utilization of polymers in bituminous mix helps accomplish better execution of wearing
courses, lower temperature susceptibility, higher resistance to deformation, better age resistance
properties, higher fatigue life, better adhesion between aggregate and bitumen. Since the plastic
polypropylene is a nonbiodegradable the waste plastic is very difficult to dispose on the dumping
site this research deals with the study and investigation on possibilities on use of waste plastic
polymers as a polymer additive in bitumen mix. By mixing the polypropylene with the bitumen
mix by % of weight of total mix (4%,6%,8%,10%) heating at a temperature of 1600 c to 180o c,
60/70 grade bitumen is used. This study presents the results of the use of polypropylene which
has been used as a modifier by the amount of 8% by the weight of bitumen. In this paper let us
discuss how polypropylene get mix with bitumen at different proportions and performance of
the pavement are to be studied.


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