Impact on Driver’s Behavior Due of Fatigue

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Avinash Kumar
Suresh B.
Sreenatha M.
K. Chandraprakash


Motor-vehicle crashes are a major public health concern since road accidents explain a high
number of deaths every year. In this driver performance are major issue in order to avoid
traffic crashes to achieve this task correctly and safely. It were also analyzed, throughout this
investigation, the risk perception of drivers about fatigue in driving, the prevalence of fatigue
symptomatology on drivers, the relation of the drivers with or without fatigue symptoms with
the reported and subjective incidence of health in driving, to provide psycho characteristics of
drivers related to fatigue in India, Bangalore. This study used a sample of drivers, who answered
a questionnaire and practical survey to collect data of drivers behavior for fatigue factor to
examine facial expressions, lane changing behavior, rear view mirror, honking effect, increase
in heart rate resulted during simulated monotonous driving in real time and also about their
psychological characteristics, driving habits and perceptions about their driving performance
and decision making related to fatigue. A high percentage of Indian drivers were not aware of
the effects of fatigue and its impact on driving. Guidelines to increase traffic safety through the
intervention of drivers fatigue are proposed.


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