Treating Bellandur Lake Water By Agfm And Eco-Clean Solution

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Pushpa Lumina
Pavithra M P
Dhanraj T


Nowadays many water resources are polluted by anthropogenic sources including household,
agricultural waste and industrial processes. Lakes and rivers are the primary sources of the
drinking, irrigation and other domestic purposes. About 80% of the earth’s surface covered
by water yet the inland availability in account for less than 1%. Bellandur Lake is one of the
major lake in Bengaluru city and is subjected to severe pollution stress from urban community.
This water boby has for years together been providing sustenance for people in the settlements
adjoining it. A comprehensive consideration of ways of better safeguarding our global water
supplies is an exercise of far reaching significance. A better understanding of problems involved
should lead to a more proper use of water, one be flitting its value for man and indeed for all life
upon this planet. Considering the importance of treating and reuse of the water, for the present
environment. A new technique of treating polluted water by using Activated glass filtration media
and Eco-Clean solution to get usable water was selected. Thus the treated water obtained from
Eco clean solution didn’t reach the expectation but the polluted water obtained after treating with
AGFM shown positive results, Which can be used for agriculture and other domestic purpose.


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