Carbon-di-Oxide Capturing Using Biochar and Converting Biomass into Biochar

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Pushpa Lumina
Pavithra M P
Yeshwanth K
Jai Kishore R


This paper presents the issues of climate change due to concentrations of heat-trapping,
carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and how they have led
to major problems in global warming in the environment. This paper also presents
the effect of agriculture and crop yield. One of the reasons for low crop yield being
soil properties and measures to increase its properties is discussed. There is a need
to control the greenhouse gas emission, carbon-dioxide. And another major problem
causing in the world is food scarcity due to poor agricultural practices, improper
water facility for crops and soil conditions. The best solution to the problem is Biochar.
Biochar is a carbon-rich material derived from the agricultural waste completely by
the method of pyrolysis. By using biochar in agriculture and other greenhouse gas
emission sources, carbon footprints can be reduced. Biochar can also be used in
various treatment processes of water and other industries. Biochar has the capacity
to remove organic, inorganic compounds and impurities. This paper clearly presents
on the preparation, and comprehensive utilization of biochar for climate change and
to increase agricultural production.


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