Experimental Studies on NO-Fines Concrete

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M Bhojaraja
Avinash N Rao


No Fines concrete is a mixture of gravel or granite stone, cement, water, little to no sand
(fine aggregate). When No Fines concrete is used for paving, the open cell structures
allow storm water to filter through the pavement and into the underlying soils. In the
present study The property of no-fines concrete by replacing cement by fly ash and silica
fume is studied. This study summarizes to compare the strength of different cementitious
material properties. To investigate the performance characteristics of the no-fines concrete
such as compressive strength and split tensile strength is conducted. The average 28-day
compressive strength varied from 8 to 12 N/mm2. The average split tensile strength varied
from 1.63 to 2.03 N/mm2. In cement replacement with fly ash with 20% and Silica fume
3% shows highest compressive strength at the end of 28days.


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