Comparative Study on Partial Replacement of Concrete by Waste Materials for Sustainable Development

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Bhavya B S
Reshma T V
Sankalpasri S S


Cement is the backbone for global infrastructural development. In 2010, it is estimated that global
production of cement is about 3.3 billion tons. It is observed that 0.87 ton of CO2 emission is
attributable to Portland cement industry. The cement industry is one of the primary producers of
CO2. These industries also include particulate matter, SO2 and NO2. Hence by introducing some
of the waste materials will be a partial solution for environmental and ecological problems to
some extent. Some of the waste materials included in this project are marble dust, granite powder,
ceramic tiles. We are considering partial replacement of concrete constituents (cement, fine
aggregates, coarse aggregates) by waste materials which are examined in different combinations
(combo 0, combo 1, combo 2, combo 3). The work is carried out with M20 and M25 grade concrete.
The percentage replacement of marble powder in cement is 20% for M20 and 10% for M25. The
percentage replacement of granite powder in fine aggregates is 30% for M20 and 15% for M25.
The percentage replacement for ceramic tile waste in coarse aggregates is 30% for both M20
and M25. The concrete moulds were casted and tested for compressive, split tensile and flexural
strength after a curing period of 7 and 28 days. The main objective of this project is to ensure
that the type of combination having higher strength which is suitable for construction with least
environmental and ecological problems and also to compare the strength variations between M20
and M25 and also to develop an efficient way to effectively utilize the waste materials.


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