Ground Water Quality Assessment in Nanjangud Industrial Area

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Pallavi M


Ground water is one of the most important sources of water for irrigation, unfortunately
groundwater is susceptible to pollutants. Ground water contamination occurs when
man made products, chemicals, heavy metals leach into the ground water cause it to
become unsafe and unfit for human usage. In this present study, 15 ground water samples
were collected in Nanjangud industrial area and were analyzed for physico-chemical
parameters. The parameters hardness (1904 mg/L as CaCO3), Alkalinity (1284 mg/L
as CaCO3), Chloride (1877 mg/L), Iron (0.67 mg/L) was found extremely high for few
sampling points and the statistical analysis showed the co-relation of 0.97 for TDS
and EC. It can be concluded that the ground water in Nanjangud industrial area is
contaminated by the industries.


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