Analytical Behaviour of Stiffened and Unstiffened CFDST Short Column

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Megha Vijayan
Thulasi N


Concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) members comprise of a steel hollow section of circular or
rectangular shape filled with plain or reinforced concrete. Concrete-filled double-skin tubular
(CFDST) columns are formed by sandwiching concrete between two concentric hollow steel
tubes. When compared to a traditional concrete-filled steel tube (consisting of a single hollow
steel tube instead of two), CFDST column is found to have greater axial, flexural and torsional
strengths as well as improved strength-to-weight ratios. They are widely used in high-rise and
multi-storey buildings as columns and beam-columns. This paper presents the Analytical results
obtained by using ANSYS software and to develop various kinds of CFDST columns by varying
cross sections, by providing stiffeners and by changing the position of the stiffeners. And also
to plot the load deformation curve and to evaluate the load carrying capacity of the different
models. From the analysis it is concluded that the square – square CFDST with plain stiffeners
attached to the outer steel tube has the best axial load carrying capacity.


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