Performance of Diagrid Structures

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Sunil Kumar Tengli
R Rangaswamy


Diagonalized grid structures also known as “diagrids system” have appeared to be innovative
and adaptable advancement in the structural design of buildings in this millennium. These
diagrids provide lateral stability to the building. While designing a high-rise building
importance should be given to lateral loads that act on the building such as wind loads and
earthquake loads. In the recent years, diagrids have proven as an efficient lateral load resisting
system. In diagrid structural systems, inclined columns are provided on the periphery of the
conventional buildings in place of vertical columns.
Researchers have studied the effect of diagrids in various angles of inclinations and the
complexity of the structural system when the building is twisted. In this particular study,
importance is given to understand the behavior of the building when the diagrid structural
system is provided from base and ground level. Modeling and analysis of the structure is
done with the help of ETABS software. Results are evaluated in terms of base shear, maximum
storey deflection, storey drift.


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