Application of fuzzy logic on Groundwater Quality Assessment Using Water Quality Index

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Sriram Mustapure
A V Sriram
S Shivanna


Groundwater is an important natural resource and play an important role in recent years in the irrigation activities in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. Due to continuous drought situations bore well water is the main source for their irrigation needs in the district. Groundwater is the most dependant source of water to the day to day requirement for various needs in the absence of alternate sources of water supply. Chikkaballapur district lies between North latitude 13˚ 13’ 04” to 13˚ 58’29” and East Longitude 77˚ 21’ 52” to 78˚ 12’ 31Water quality is directly related to the physical, chemical, biological and radiological property of water. These properties of water are affected because of the pollution of water due to various human activities. There are various parameters which can be assessed for measurement of quality ofwater but when all the parameters considered, it may be generates complexity towards quality. So, development of Water Quality Index (WQI) is the quite popular method in the assessmentof water quality. WQI will explain the whole story of water in single scoring number and it is calculated using different methods. It is helpful to decide appropriate treatment technique to meet the concern issue. In this paper, WQI and its development methods are discussed. A higher number is indicative of better water quality. WQI could be used as decision maker in the assessment of water quality index.


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