Seismic Anlaysis of RC Building on Black cotton Soil Stabilized With Crumb Rubber

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Shylaja N
Dixit K
Nanjunda K N


The concept of soil-structure interaction can be considered midway between geotechnical and structural engineering. In the analysis of structures subjected to earthquake forces, it is usually assumed that the structure is fixed at the base to simplify the mathematical problem. This assumption leads to gross error in the assessment of overall response under dynamic loads; hence, soil structure interaction study is needed. This study aims to soil-structure interaction analysis of a multistory building on black cotton soil and black cotton soil stabilized with crumb rubbers. It is possible to model the soil by springs which have equivalent characteristics. In this study, black cotton soil is collected as it is weaker in nature it is stabilized using crumb rubber. The static and dynamic properties of soil have been studied. By the laboratory tests, the engineering properties of the above soils were determined. Furthermore, a 10-story model has been developed with a plan size of 40 x 30 m using SAP2000 software. Soil parameters are assigned to this model, and the spring conditions have been placed. The analysis is carried out on earthquake zones II and III. Parameters like story drift, story shear, soil stresses, etc., are determined.


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