Eco-Friendly Brick Construction Using Reusable Materials

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Jeevitha P
Shruthi K M
Apoorva N H
Srinidhi S U


Civil Engineering is the science of construction of infrastructure for varied use. Man has used bricks for building purpose for thousands of years. Waste management is a fundamental component to any manufacturing or production enterprise. It is estimated that there are million tons of quarrying waste produced in each year. The study is conducted to determine the strength of the bricks when replaced with Marble Dust and Rice Husk Ash. The compressive strength and water absorption is determined and compared to the conventional bricks. Marble Dust replaced bricks of 5% and 10% can be used for any type of construction. Since the compressive strength is comparative more than the conventional bricks. Rice Husk Ash replaced bricks of 5% can be used for temporary construction for time period of 2-3 months Marble Dust bricks of 5% and 10% can be used for the construction of permanent structures.


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