Analysis of Simply Supported RC Skew Slabs Subjected to UDL using FEM Technique

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Naresh Reddy G N
Sunil Kumar Tengli
Vismitha K


Reinforced concrete slab is an important structural element in construction. Usually, slabs
are orthogonal in shape, however in case of bridge decks the slabs are cast with a skew angle.
In case of skew slabs, the analysis is usually done by strip method or yield line analysis, but
the membrane action due to in-plane stresses are not considered. Due to the skew angle, the
behaviour of a skew slab is different compared to orthogonal slab, so there is need to understand
their behaviour under various boundary conditions and loading patterns. In the present
paper, experimental data of 4 simply supported skew slabs of skew angle 15° with different
spacing of reinforcement is taken for Finite Element modelling and analysis. Finite element
modelling of 4 simply supported reinforced concrete skew slabs were made and the non-linear
analysis carried out to obtain load deflection behaviour under uniformly distributed loading.
For the analysis, a commercial Finite Element Software ANSYS version 18.1 is used. Also,
a comparison is made between the results obtained by ANSYS and the experimental results.


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