Dynamic Analysis of Suspension Bridge using SAP 2000

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H G Preethi
Avinash Deshpande
Madhu B E


A Suspension Bridge is a type of bridge which has cables suspended between two towers
and from where a series of hangers are connected which holds the deck. Suspension bridge
is more suitable for the medium to long spans. As these are long and flexible structures most
exposed to dynamic loading, hence the vibration analysis become very significant in predicting
the behavior of bridge under various dynamic loads. This research presents the analysis of
suspension bridges subjected to dynamic time history loads and determining the suitability for
specific span length. Suspension Bridge works by tension and compression, in which most of
the bridge weight is carried by the suspension cables which is then transferred to the Pylons.
Hence, the Pylon has been further stiffened by stiffening beams (portal and truss patterns)
and effect of dynamic time history response has been studied. And also the present study aims
to characterize the effect of both vertical and inclined hangers on the dynamic behavior of
suspension bridge. For these arrangements, a finite element software SAP 2000(V-14) has
been used for modelling and analyzing of Suspension Bridge.


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